Welcome to Eastman Cast & Forge Limited



At Eastman our endeavor is to provide value for money to our buyers and as an organization we are ever striving to attain leadership in the National and International environment by continuously increasing the organization Efficiency and the Effectiveness of our Quality Management systems.

We believe that the above ideal can only be achieved by involving all employees of the organization.
Our management philosophy are based on strong and positive human values such as Integrity, Creativity, Passion, Positive Attitude, Team Work, Risk taking ability, Willingness to Excel and loyalty. The management process continuously work’s towards unleashing the potential and empowering of each individual to Learn, Perform, and Excel. At Eastman we understand value creation can only be achieved through the quality and commitment of our people. The investment in Plant & Machinery, Production and Product lines is leveraged on the Global stage by our Human resource for Competitiveness and Product Quality.


We develop the Organizations strength by nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity in individual employees, we believe these strengths will help us in successfully competing in a global environment and exploit emerging opportunities.

For our Team members the Work Opportunity with Eastman offers experience on a Global environment and exposure on the following:-

  • Formal Training and Development programs in India and overseas.
  • Experience on World Class Manufacturing Facilities and Practices.
  • Exposure to Internationally Benchmarked Marketing Practices.
  • Membership of Multidisciplinary Task Forces and Project Teams.
  • Focused Leadership Development Initiatives.
  • Cross Functional and Cross Business Opportunities.

The annual employee evaluation system is designed to focus on performance, meritocracy, equity and upholding of company values. This translates in equitable response from the organization in terms of Remuneration so as to stimulate the drive in the individual and providing the right motivation so that each employee takes immense pride in being part of the Eastman Team.