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Drill Capacity:13 mm
No Load Speed:0 – 790 RPM
Rated Input Power:860 W
Net Weight:2.5 kg
M. R. P.:₹ 6900.00
Std. Packing:10

Product Descriptions

Power drills are one of the most common and most important parts of every modern toolkit. A good electric drill makes for a very useful piece of hardware in every toolkit and workbench. However, there are only a few drills that offer high torque with a powerful motor. But with the Electric drill, the EPD-013, you can wave these issues goodbye, and call it the drill of choice.

There are a lot of reasons to pick up the EPD-013.


For one, the EPD-013 comes with a powerful 860 Watts motor. With a motor that powerful, that is suitable for all sorts of materials, you can get a lot of work done very fast, very efficiently. This drill delivers a very high amount of torque so that it can dig through even the hardest of materials such as bricks and concrete. The motor is one of largest motors in its class, and that is what makes the EPD-013 such a no-brainer; if you are someone who needs a powerful drill, this is the drill for you.

Interestingly, the drill brings a low rotation speed of 790 RPM. While drills usually have thrice, or even four times the rotation speed, this specialized drill brings the low speed so that it can deliver as much torque as possible, so that you can carry out heavy duty tasks of drilling through even solid rock. With that much torque, no material is too tough for the EPD-013. This drill also features a 13 mm drill capacity, making the drill one of the best drills in the world in its class.

The drill comes with its own set of JRSDrive’s Carbon Set without any additional cost, which includes JRSDrive drill bits capable of working in a range of different situations, across a range of different materials. The carbon set makes a fine supplement to the drill, and brings out the best in it. The free carbon set allows you to use the drill in the best possible way. Always use compatible drill accessories to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

EASTMAN ELECTRIC DRILL EPD - 013The design aspects of this drill is what makes it stand out the most. While the grip is still there, it has been moved to the center of the drill, and there is another grip on the top of the drill’s body. Also, the drill has another grip on the tail end of the body, which allows the user to handle it with a firm grip and avoid any slippages. Since these power tools are dangerous if mishandled, the design aspect becomes highly important, and we at JRSDrive understand that. The EPD-013 comes with a very streamlined, ergonomic design, and the drill weights 2.5 kilograms, which is made possible because of its aluminum body. Since the electric drill features such a large motor, the weight is a testament to JRSDrive’s innovation.

The EPD-013 is one of the most popular power drill offerings from JRSDrive, a brand of Eastman Group of Companies. With world-class features and strengths, the EPD-013 makes for an important addition to your workbench.

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