Welcome to Eastman Cast & Forge Limited


The fully equipped in house Laboratory is designed to control the Quality Process and give online test results as production goes on for Material testing / Hardness testing / Torque Testing / Crack detector. Our laboratory is equipped with following Machines.

  • Torque Testing Machine (Computerised) For torque load capacity of spanners.
  • Magnetic Crack Detector For detecting very fine flaws & cracks.
  • Salt Spray Machine Testing the Quality of Chrome plating.
  • Digital Hardness Tester For ensuring specified surface hardness.
  • Abrasive Cutter For Making Test Piece Machines for making test pieces.
  • Plating Thickness Tester Chrome plating thickness.
  • Chemical Laboratory to analyze Chemical composition of Products.

The Quality/inspection program is designed to check and recheck the production quality at each strategic stage of the production process i.e. quality program functions from the Raw material to finished products.

The Quality Testing program is listed as below.

  • Raw Material Incoming raw material is Lab tested at entry level to the plant.
  • Blanking The Quality of Blanks are checked for primary conformity.
  • Forging The forging Die is inspected for good forging out put.
  • Trimming Good finished products are selected after trimming stage.
  • Punching Inspection at punching stage rejects poorly finished goods.
  • Broaching After broaching all spanners are checked for Jaw accuracy.
  • Heat Treatment Heat treated products are is inspected for proper internal structural formation and Hardness of the Product.
  • Gauging All Products are checked with gauges for operational fitment.
  • Shot Blasting Inspection at Shot Blasting checks for finishing out put.
  • Electro Plating Final inspection is carried after electroplating stage. This is the final and detailed inspection carried out manually.